Cryptocurrency with Real-World Applications and Innovation for Supply chains and more, 2022: Polkadot, Avalanche and Lynqyo.

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Cryptocurrency is continuously gaining popularity and with almost every month new names, types and projects are popping up in news feeds all over. If you’re new to Crypto or haven’t yet read some whitepapers, it might interest you to know how some are changing the way we live and work for the better.

These digital assets have come with very unique contributions like NFTs, DeFi, Web3, Metaverse, and so on, and unlike in the past, cryptocurrency’s rapid and increased innovations have affected every aspect of human life.

Crypto models such as blockchain which have wide applicability have shown the capacity to change lives in various regions of the world and have already begun to make significant growth such as access to good health care and medicine in third-world countries, growth in the global financial industry, and improved agricultural markets.

Let us take a look at Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), and Lynqyo (LNQ). Cryptocurrencies that are bringing real-world innovations.

Avalanche (AVAX) – The Carbon Neutral Crypto

Avalanche is a cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts and a proof-of-stake consensus. As one of the well-known “Ethereum-killers”, Avalanche has the speediest transaction rates, and the most secure and compatible platforms available. This makes Avalanche a tough competitor against Ethereum.

The Avalanche platform can be used in creating new cryptocurrencies and gives users the opportunity of a diversified, interconnected, and decentralized network hosting different people globally.

Avalanche operates three blockchains under a single-layer protocol and this increases the number of transactions that can be done on Avalanche’s platform significantly.

Polkadot (DOT) – Connecting Blockchains Together


Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that is used to connect other blockchains. This makes Polkadot very useful because it allows valuable information and data to get transferred.

Polkadot has surpassed networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum with this feat, and with Polkadots fast, and scalable platform, it stands tall among various cryptocurrencies.

Polkadot’s native token DOT is a decentralized autonomous organization token that can be used for both staking and governance. Polkadot can be bought and sold on exchange platforms and even decentralized protocols.

Polkadot’s platform is fast and scalable as Polkadot’s ecosystem makes use of multiple parallel blockchains also known as “Parachains” and this makes the platform capable of undertaking the hectic processing demand of the main blockchain.

Polkadot’s token, DOT, also serves a dual function within the Polkadot ecosystem. DOT serves as both a governance token, which give users the ability to decide on the future of the platform, and as a staking token.

Lynqyo (LNQ) – Taking The Crypto World By Storm

Lynqyo is a cryptocurrency that provides a set of web3 protocols, applications, tools, and structures to empower creators to take ownership of their creations, scale, as well as monetize their content and communities.

Also known as a Content Economy Protocol, Lynqyo is a decentralized platform that boosts the discovery, licensing, evaluation, and exchange of intangible content. Lynqyo was created for the sole purpose of intangible content tokenization, governance, and liquidity of assets.

The core protocol of Lynqyo which is the Content economy protocol is networked alongside the collective ownership protocol and other protocols and this is because Lynqyo is an application-specific ecosystem.

Lynqyo is a protocol that also applies a very note-worthy concept, and that is Voting power.

Since Lynqyo makes use of a DAO, this gives users access to co-own and co-manage tokenized content hence giving strength to voting power in the protocol.

Lynqyo’s native token LNQ is a Content economy protocol currency that serves three core functions; Governance, Utility, and Proof or engagement where users are rewarded LNQ tokens by a User engagement reward ratio. All three cryptocurrencies have the potential to skyrocket this year. But keep your eyes on Lynqyo.

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